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It's that time of year again...

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How you all doing in the lead-up to Christmas?  Are you festive fanatics or Grinches, and what sort of disability-related adjustments have you made to ensure you can survive the season?

And the inevitable question - what are you going to buy with your Christmas Bonus from the DWP this year?

...My 'reasonable adjustment' is to limit the amount of time I spend away from home - three consecutive nights is the max, as even though it's just self, Mum and Dad, my mental health requires 'alone time' after a few days with other people.  Not to mention *ahem* my bowels, which stutter to a standstill whenever I'm sharing a bathroom  >erm< Bet you really wanted to know that!

 >bighugs< Right now Iím trying to drag my mood out of the cellar at the election result.
Feel physically sick at the thought of whatís next.   >crying<
Sorry I canít be upbeat right now,  >dove< to you all

Monic I feel much the same way.  Iíve had a virus for the last few days, and, the election result has laid me low.  My husband is at the airport picking up our family from Dubai.  Theyíre spending Christmas and new year with us.  Therefore, I need to plaster a welcoming smile on my face.  No kisses, as I donít want to spread my germs around.  I hope all on here have as good a Christmas as you can.  Letís hope things arenít as bad as they seem right now. We can but live in hope.  >hugs<

Sunshine Meadows:
>bighugs< >bighugs< >bighugs<

One of our traditions is to cook Christmas Dinner on the day we are able to, so it often turns out being Christmas Eve because I don't want to risk the meat going out of date and being wasted. Hmmm actually the only thing that makes it Christmas Dinner is we have Brussel sprouts  >biggrin<

Norrin Radd:
I'm having Christmas dinner at my mum's place. I'm thinking of making bacon jam as a gift for my non-veggie family.


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