Senior civil servant has special tax deal

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Apparently, the head of the Student Loan Company gets them to pay him through his own private company without first deducting income tax or National Insurance.

Quoting from the BBC:

The arrangement was agreed by the tax authorities and potentially saved Ed Lester tens of thousands of pounds.

So much for us all being in it together.


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In case anyone is interested how this works...

My ex-husband used the same method, it cost him 12 a month to have a management company handle it all, but he had an odd job that meant he was on-call all the time, and most of the work was abroad.
It saves you a massive amount of money.
Basically you pay yourself minimum wage, and then the remainder is paid in dividends, to yourself, as a shareholder. So as the rate of pay was high per hour, often he only actually "hands on worked" for about 20 hours a week, and paid pennies in income tax and NI.

If I'd stayed with the irritating git I think I wouldn't be too worried about my income...