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And don't forget these exceptional circumstances, notably the second one:

Even if the decision maker decides that you do not pass the limited capability for work test they can still treat you as having passed it if the health care professional has obtained evidence that one of the following exceptional circumstances apply:

    You are suffering from a severe life threatening disease in relation to which there is medical evidence that the disease is
    uncontrollable, or uncontrolled, by a recognised therapeutic procedure; and in the case of a disease that is uncontrolled,
    there is a reasonable cause for it not to be controlled by a recognised therapeutic procedure.
    You suffer from some specific disease or bodily or mental disablement and consequently there would be a substantial risk
    to the mental or physical health of any person (note - this includes yourself) if you were found not to have limited capability for
    work.   This risk should be linked to work you could realistically do according to your education or skills.   


Re mobilising and the Support Group, I have checked various websites and the WCA handbook and they all say that the distance is 50 metres, so I assume that is the correct figure.

Ricardo you are right, I tried tol amend the original descriptor but the post is too old- just checked my book as well 
Thanks for spotting that

I've edited it for you, Monic  >biggrin<

Thanks Kizzy  >tah< >thumbsup<


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