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Budget Planner Template
« on: 20 Feb 2012 07:14PM »
this is a template of a financial statement or Budget Planner.   I have word versions which are laid out in a table format and an excel version that I can use to put the equations in it and it adds up for me.
I use this to work out how much if anything I have left to pay non essential debts.
The outgoings side tends to list the items that you must pay - ie essentials & secured debts.   Unsecured debts are not essential like fuel & food is so if you have a balance left you would use that balance to pay any other debts.
Obviously some people budget weekly, fornightly or monthly so you just amend that to suit yourself.
If you need to negotiate with creditors and cant get free & confidential debt/money advice use this to work out if you have any money left and if there is a balance that gets split between your creditors with the one owed the most getting the biggest percentage.   
Feel free to tweak this to suit yourself and your circumstances - its just a rough guide


Name:  ______________________________ Date:_________________


Household Composition: ____________________________________________

Outgoings Monthly/weekly                Income Monthly/weekly   
Rent                                           Client Net   
Rent Arrears                                  Partner Net   
Mortgage                                          Jobseekers Allowance   
Endowment                                  Income Support   
Secured Loan                                  WorkingTax Credit   
Council Tax                                  Child Benefit /Tax Credit   
Council Tax Arrears                          Maintenance   
Water rates                                         Attendance Allowance
Electricity                                          Employment Support Allowance.   
Gas                                                  Incapacity Benefit   
Life Insurance                                  Disability Living Allowance   
House Insurance                          Pension (State)   
TV Rental                                          Pension (Works)   
TV Licence                                  Other   
Housekeeping                                  Other   
Fines                                          Other   
Telephone                                  Other   
Clothing                                          Other   
Travel/Petrol/Tax/Ins.                  Other   
Childminding                                  Other   
School Meals                                  Other   
Regular Prescriptions                  Other   
Other                                              Other   
Other                                          Other   
Other                                          Other   
Other                                         Other   
Total Outgoings                          Total Income   

Total Income   
Total Outgoings   
Weekly/Monthly Balance   

Apologies for the squinty placement but I hope you get the gist  >lol<
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Re: Budget Planner Template
« Reply #1 on: 20 Feb 2012 07:59PM »
Good idea to post this to help with budgeting even for those with no debts!  >thumbsup< Thanks, Monic.  >hugs<  >tah<

Just one small omission; water rates?  I think most people pay them, though some private landlords include them in the rent.


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Re: Budget Planner Template
« Reply #2 on: 20 Feb 2012 08:01PM »
Sorry my mistake
I forgot that in England & Wales water rates are paid directly to the water companies  >doh<  In Scotland (home) water & sewerage is collected by the council's via council tax - I'll tweak the original to include water rates  >tah<