First Work Program statistics released

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First Work Program statistics released

  • on: 22 Feb 2012 09:10AM
Hi All, the link to these stats is below.

Minister for Employment Chris Grayling said:

“I am encouraged that so many people have been referred to the Work Programme in the first five months to get the support they need to move into sustained work. This is a long term programme and in the autumn we will release figures that show how many unemployed people have gone into sustainable employment.”

Sunshine Meadows

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The placements sourced by the provider:

- last for 4 weeks
-  are for 30 hours per week, unless restrictions apply, so allowing the
   claimant time to meet their actively seeking obligations
- are reduced in line with any restrictions a claimant might have on their
- Jobseeker’s Agreement. In such circumstances, placements will take
  up 75% of the time a claimant is available for work.
- are of benefit to the local community
-  are additional to any existing or expected vacancies the host
   organisation might have.

I did not know that mandatory work had to be considered of benefit to the local community. I am confused how does working in a supermarket benefit the community?


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Only 663 people have been found work thus far.
Chris Grayling is a lying ****
This means that approximately 663 individuals were taken off benefits from the January to March cohort of participants.

One Girl and her Big Dog

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There was something about this on News Night last night, and the Govt bod, kept saying that JP and the other guests were confusing different sorts of work programme, and that there was no compulsion to do these work placements. 

I'm sure that's not the case, but can anyone else clarify, what 'different sorts' of work programme there are, and if any of them are actually voluntary?