Author Topic: National Student Walk-Out on 14 March 2012.  (Read 833 times)


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National Student Walk-Out on 14 March 2012.
« on: 01 Mar 2012 05:35PM »

On Wednesday March 14th, the National Union of Students has called for a national day of walk-outs. The last time NUS called a national demonstration 50 000 students took it to the streets. In the context of an on-going war on our education, we need to build this day to make this the biggest day of student protests that this government has seen.

As part of its week of action, the NUS has called a national student walk-out against changes in fees, education cuts, and the debt regime. The national student walk-out is an opportunity to show studentsí continued opposition to the government in the face of the indefinite postponement of the HE Bill. We welcome NUSí call for a national student walk-out and will be calling marches, demonstrations and occupations on the day and work together to ensure that maximum turnout for the day.

ULU, the Education Activist Network and LSE SU are calling for (other supporting campaigns/unions to be added...) a London student feeder march to Parliament from ULU.

Despite a delay to the HE White Paper, the government is still hammering education, from sky high university fees to the lack of support for FE students, especially for working class young people. We must continue to fight, and broaden our struggle to help defeat this dangerous unaccountable government.

The times are still tbc.
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