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That dreadful woman says some thing reasonable
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See what you lot think, my head is tired...

Sarah Newton (Truro and Falmouth, Conservative)

I beg to move,

That this House
believes there is an urgent need to reform the current system of providing and paying for the care of adults in England and Wales;
recognises that social care, unlike the NHS, has never been free at the point of need irrespective of income;
notes the central role of informal carers in the provision of care;
welcomes the Coalition Agreement pledge of reform and legislation;
further welcomes the plans for better integration between adult social care services and the NHS;
welcomes the extension of personal budgets;
urges the Government to ensure that fairness is central to reform, including access to advice, advocacy, assessment of need, care services as well as funding options;
recognises the need to break down the barriers to portability;
and further urges the Government to publish its White Paper as soon as possible, and to bring forward legislation.

More available via the link.