Contributions Based ESA WRAG (work related activity group) March 2012 Update

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I have not been able to find out an answer to that question either. I did read something about the 104week linking rule being abolished and this was because of the one year limit on contribution based ESA, but as of yet I can't find anything that simple says what the new rules are eg that if you get better and work for another two years then you can once again get contribution based ESA.

When it comes to the Support group as far as I know a person on contribution based ESA for over a year before the 30th of April 2012 is entitled to be put in the Support Group as long as they either were continuously sick and remained on WRAG or the have enough National Insurance contributions over the last two years. However the changeover for me was on the 28th April so my situation is not comparable to others is the rules changed after 30th April 2012.

Would you mind if I moved this post and your post to a new thread and that way the question should get more attention?


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The way I understand is is that you need to have worked & paid 2 years worth of national insurance(NI) to get contribution based benefits - either JSA or ESA.
So if you were sick & you con based esa has ended going back to work part time won't get you enough contributions to get back onto con based esa.  Dont take that as gospel but Ive seen loads of part time workers being refused con based JSA as they haven't paid enought NI despite working for more than 2 years.  I assume it'll be the same with ESA