Author Topic: 1 in 6 prescriptions have mistakes .... news headlines  (Read 849 times)


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The BBC are leading with the story that 1 in 6 prescriptions have mistakes on them. I'm not surprised considering every other prescription I had from my old GP had a mistake on it.
Actually, they've read that out again, and they've read it as 1 in 6 prescriptions and 1 in 6 patients, which are slightly different things.

They go on to say that this is relatively low and very few mistakes would or could be dangerous (1 in 550 apparently). I wonder if that includes things like under-dosing as well as potentially over-dosing?

Personally, I think 1 in 6 carrying a mistake is pretty high. It's computerised now, so is it a lack of computer knowledge or just not checking things?

When my drugs got overhauled this year, part of it was because there were several clashes in the mix, things that really weren't safe together long term (or even short term), and also partly because I hadn't been properly monitored for over a year.

I had a pretty good pharmacy and they picked up on most of the mistakes and I always checked my prescriptions carefully and made notes on what it should be, but others won't be as lucky.