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Discretionary Housing Payments
« on: 05 May 2012 04:30PM »
If you are struggling to pay HOUSING costs (rent, council tax, deposit, etc) either because you can't afford deposit etc or because benefit changes make it hard for you to afford your rent then the DISCRETIONARY HOUSING PAYMENT might be one for you to check out.   You can claim it from your local council, you need to ask them what their claim process is as it can be just a phone call.

DWP says that the objectives for making a DHP award can include any of the following (but there may be others too)

alleviating poverty

encouraging and sustaining people in employment

tenancy sustainment and homelessness prevention

safeguarding residents in their own homes

helping those who are trying to help themselves

keeping families together

supporting the vulnerable or the elderly in the local community

helping customers through personal and difficult events

supporting young people in the transition to adult life, or

promoting good educational outcomes for children and young people

For more information: 

regards, Deb


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Re: Discretionary Housing Payments
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There's a separate scheme for deposits, I think.


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Re: Discretionary Housing Payments
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Hi Sofie
you right - in my area there is the "Rent Deposit Scheme" to help people get a deposit & its very restrictive and there is the "Discretionary housing payment" 
Neither are advertised so if your looking for housing or have rent problems ask for help


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Re: Discretionary Housing Payments
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 the websites I cited say that the deposit can be paid for from the DHP if the local council so chooses - it's one of the things they have discretion about .... so as Monic says, always worth asking what help is available.
regards, Deb