Author Topic: Channel 4 making a "sensitive" documentary about OCD  (Read 1183 times)


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This is what it says on the facebook page, linked by comedian and OCD sufferer Jon Richardson:

C4 are making a sensitive documentary about OCD and its effects on individuals and their families. If OCD has affected you or someone you know and you’d like to know more, please get in touch in confidence on or phone 020 7434 4004 / 07532 058 595 and ask for Danni.
(There is no obligation to take part but sharing your story will help us with research)

I hope that it is a "sensitive" documentary. BBC3 tried to do something similar a couple of years back and it didn't really do OCD sufferers justice (It focused on bizarre habits, like squeezing people's spots and a girl who'd sucked her thumb for so long her mouth grew accomodated for it). Even though that was also originally hosted by Jon Richardson.

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A man got sick because of officiate.