ESA claiment journey 2012 - how your claim should be.

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A .pdf file that outlines the claiment application procedure.
Useful as it states exactly what should happen when, such as;

Repeat WCA
Every face-to-face assessment includes a suggestion from the healthcare
professional on when a claimant should be given a further review. This is based on
the healthcare professionalís knowledge of the claimantís health condition and/or
The DWP decision maker will then give a decision on the actual period they wish to
award ESA. This may be short term i.e. three months or any date up to a longer term
maximum of three years.

twisty spine

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Just recieved my "pack" of many forms and questions. very worried as we are living in France( legally) and if this fails we will lose everything - home, benefits etc... so worried.
bonjour tis me in france


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Twisty spine - I know it's in our natures to imagine 'worst case scenarios', but there are plenty of claimants (including Ouchers who have 'reported back' here over the weeks and months) who are awarded their correct level of ESA with no incident and sometimes no medical examination either.

Basic advice for completing these forms - give as much information as possible and obtain medical evidence from GPs, hospital specialists etc to send back with the ESA50.  If you have specific questions, do have a look at the other threads in this area - you may well find the answers you need there.  If not, please feel free to start a thread in this part of the Welfare Rights board  >thumbsup<
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