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Hate crimes, England and Wales 2011/12
« on: 24 Sep 2012 11:53AM »
This release presents hate crimes recorded by the police in England and Wales for 2011/12 by police force area.

‘Hate crime’ is any criminal offence committed against a person or property that is motivated by hostility towards someone based on their disability, race, religion, gender-identity or sexual orientation, whether perceived to be so by the victim or any other person.
There were 43,748 hate crimes recorded by the police in 2011/12.



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Re: Hate crimes, England and Wales 2011/12
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Five protected groups.   But it is absolutely fine to commit a hate crime, if you like,  based on prejudice against the last and least human of the human rights classified 'vulnerable groups'.     

The unmentioned unmentionable unspeakable ones are the older people.    By chance, at this moment, McCarthy and Stone are featuring in a television documentary, showing an old lady being pressured into parting with her house at a loss of 14 thousand, where she could have readily taken an alternative giving her a 50 thousand profit.   Of course, the programme will include numerous scams against old people, and of course, there are so many cases of exploitation and abuse and even killing of old people, that it is barely enough to make news.   

The Winterbourne examples were selectively filmed, to show young disabled people being tortured.    That could have been a disability hate crime.    The same home, Winterbourne, also housed old people.    Abusing them was not worth filming.   It would not have been newsworthy and not considered unusual, nor even particularly shocking.   It would also have risked being regarded as merely the trivial matter of poor nursing, because there is no such thing as age hate crime