Author Topic: Can I Request a medically qualified work program advisor ?  (Read 1375 times)


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Hi all. I am barging in here a bit and might start a few threads,  but its due to having a work program induction appointment Monday.

I have the work problematic interaction of IBS and high function Aspergers (all proven). My problem is mostly sensory integration which is something we take for granted and hard to understand (unless you took LSD !).  I am doing well in a degree part time Medicine and computation/physics at Open university, which I am sure the target hungry work program providers will not be interested in my proceeding with. I actually would like something else part time, to get out. I have done a lot of jobs, even ran small businesses. But my experience is that it has to be well considered what I do with my condition (for the good of everybody including employers !)

When dealing with Work scheme providers what they do is patronize my problems (as if its taboo to have them)  and say everything will be OK. That turns out to be the nonsense it sounds. They then mandate me on to non outcome based programs without really any serious thought (to get some of their bonus payment). Then I get sanctioned for the inevitable interaction problems, even accused of misconduct when itís a blame avoider in charge.

Can I force these prime providers and their subcontractors not to misrepresent my situation by having all their ideas for me forced to be run by somebody with qualifications that can review advisements for these conditions ?

A related question is what happens if I refuse to give consent to a mandated activity until I check if equality act provisions are in place ? i.e. by asking for their proposal to be referred to an independent body. 

Or more to the point, if they are being obtuse can a disabled client refuse to consent to their information being passed to providers if they cannot produce evidence for how medical evidence based equality polices will be put in place ?


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Hi Aspiemanjoe and welcome to OuchToo - apologies for not replying earlier, but I have been looking at a very lengthy set of documents which are the DWP's own guidance and requirements for Work Program Providers and it would seem to vary according to which 'claimant group' you are in. What benefit are you receiving, JSA or ESA?


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Hi AM Joe

I don't honestly know the answer to your question - given your past experience, it seems a reasonable idea to me. 

However I did just want to point out one thing:  I would not suggest that you ask for someone medically qualified!    Some medics know a bit about Asperger's Syndrome (and a very small minority know a lot as it's their specialism) but most medics know little or nothing about it.   They certainly would not be the best people to review plans and stuff.    So make sure you ask for someone experienced in working with adults with AS (not "children with autism" etc.).

regards, Deb