ESA (wrag) advice needed what should i do??

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Hi Stuart

a few points about this statement
ive got my first work focused interview on the 29th, im still concerned a little, that ill be classed fit for work and put on JS and ill also lose my dla a little later.

The work focused interview is not to class you as fit for work, its an appointment with an advisor at the jobcentre who is supposed to assess your needs, help you deceide what training you need to help you get ready for a job.  The only thing that would put you on JSA is if you went to another medical and got less than 15 points,  you have more than 15 points and are currently in the wrag.

According to government speel those in the wrag Work-Related Activity Group
"have to go to regular interviews with an adviser. The adviser can help with things like job goals, improving your skills, work-related issues."

by work related issues they mean adjustible chairs etc.

As for DLA - its an in and out of work benefit and you can work full time and still get dla

I hope that explains things a bit better


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Hi Stuart

"so what have i always wanted to do??  help others and Computers. i dont mean a bt call center, actually help mentally/disabled people like me, and if i could do that and fit computers with it well its a perfect fit. final 3 were
Thanet School of English
ESA Personal Advisor (would that even be possible?)"

First - I don't know that particular course, but it is likely that the A+ course is offered by a local Further Education college near you - give your nearest one a call, ask for an appointment to talk with one of their tutors in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) about what courses they can offer you.   You don't have to follow through and go on a course, but it would be useful to you to get their views on what options are open to you.

Second - did you know there is a whole profession called Assistive Tecnhnology which is focussed on developing and implementing specialist hardware and software which is adapted for the needs of disabled people.   You might want to add that to your list of career options.

The role of ESA Advisor - it must be possible to get those jobs since people clearly do, you could ask the job centre whether they get adverts for that role and what qualifications are needed.
regards, Deb