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Hi Malingerer

"As for supplies for a home, statrted picking up things like pots & pans towels etc in sales and when I got my flat I scrounged everything second hand". 

That's a good idea from Monic: young women used to be encouraged to gradually collect items for their "trousseau" which included both the clothes they would need for their wedding and honeymoon /marriage but also many household items such as bed linens and towels and so on.  This was obviously supplemented by engagement and wedding presents, but nonetheless is a good idea for getting started.

If you put the word out to friends and family that you want to start collecting things for when you get your own place, if they knit or sew ask them to make things for you to "put in your bottom drawer" (another expression for collecting stuff for your trousseau); if they buy you birthday and Xmas presents say you would appreciate household items.   Ask them all to keep an eye open for especially nice items in their local second hand / charity shops and so on.   And if you have somewhere to store things, then people sometimes have larger items of furniture they are happy to pass on.   Oh yes and Freecycle can be a good resource too.

When the time comes and you do get a place, have a look around for your local auction house that does house clearance  - their sales are often a good place to pick up larger items of furniture cheaply (obviously don't go for antiques, but solid wood items are good value for example) and sometimes they also have smaller items such as kitchen equipment in a "job lot" - so you might bid say 10 for a big box of various kitchen equipment.

regards, Deb