Author Topic: Attacked for being ginger haired.  (Read 4576 times)

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Re: Attacked for being ginger haired.
« Reply #30 on: 26 Jan 2013 11:09AM »
When a lad I and my scouser accent moved to Plymouth in Devon my accent set me apart from all the other kids and I found that I had to fight my way home from school every day until I learned to disguise my accent and blend in I was lucky I could change the way I spoke. Mind you when the Beatles became famous it was suddenly cool to have a scouser accent.
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Re: Attacked for being ginger haired.
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Some people can and some people can't change accents. I'm in the latter group. I've lived in England since 1973 when I was seven and still have a Scottish accent. People have assumed I kept it on purpose because I enjoyed standing out. Far from it. Literally all I wanted to do was blend in and not be noticed.

However my hair and limp ensured that I'd stand out anyway and I think that something in my subconscious rebelled against changing my accent just so I'd fit in with those who I thought were racist scum and be known as the Scottish kid who changed his accent just so he wouldn't be picked on for that. You might think that was a case of cutting my nose off to spite my face but for me it was a moral thing. A subconscious moral thing that I didn't realise at the time. If I could have changed everything about myself I would have done though.