being changed from is to esa but i get carers. help!!!

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Hi guys I get is on the basis that I'm unfit fir work. I am now being changed to Esa but I'm a carer for my hubby  and get ca plus I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Can I ask that I still receive is in the basis of being a carer so therefore not needing to change to Esa ???


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Hi Angel - welcome to OuchToo, and yes, you can change your basis for an Income Support claim if you are receiving CA, as being a carer is a 'qualifier' for IS in its own right.  However, because you have been pregnant for more than 26 weeks, you are 'within the entitlement period for Maternity Allowance' and therefore ESA 'special circumstances' will apply to you.  This means that you will be treated as having limited capability for work and thus will pass the 'test' as it were, even before any other conditions/illnesses are looked at by the assessor.  It might be worth going ahead with the ESA transfer if you get a disability premium in your Income Support, as 'transitional protection' will ensure that ESA payments are not less than you would have received on IS (and/or Incapacity Benefit.) Hope this helps!


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Hi Angel

I agree with Kizzy, stay on the ESA just now and if in 26 weeks (time it might take them to process the transfer) you are found "fit for work" you could claim carers allowance and not bother with the ESA, but your best option would be to let the esa transfer run.   As Kizzy says you should fit the unfit for work rules due to pregnancy anyway
Once your baby is born if you get another esa50 to get reassessed again you could go to CAB/welfare rights and see what your options are at that stage.  You could claim income support as a carer or as a mum of an under 5 year old child.

So dont bother paniking yet - theres no point other than it harming your health
Best wishes