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Common sense restored to Health and Safety??
« on: 05 Feb 2013 08:42AM »
Two reports published today reveal the Government is making rapid progress in restoring common sense to health and safety and saving businesses millions of pounds and considerable time every year.

The first, authored by Professor Ragnar Lofstedt, looks at the progress made in implementing the recommendations contained in his 2011 report ‘Reclaiming Health and Safety for all’. Professor Lofstedt welcomes the fact that many of his proposals to tackle the over-zealous application of health and safety in Britain have already been put into place. The report states that these changes will help businesses focus on growth rather than unnecessary red tape.

The other report finds the Government has already implemented 23 of the 35 recommendations in Lord Young's 2010 report "Commons Sense, Common Safety". Lord Young called for changes to the regulatory system in order to combat the rise of a compensation culture, and address the frequently negative perceptions of health and safety legislation.

Minster for Employment Mark Hoban said:

"For too long businesses have been confused by health and safety regulations which cost them money and take up time when they should be focusing on growth.

"Health and safety is important, but its focus should be where risks are high. These reports show just how much progress we have made in restoring clarity to the system, and over the coming months I'll be making sure common sense prevails."

Best wishes and keep safe!

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Re: Common sense restored to Health and Safety??
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The problem with common Sense is its neither.
Be careful in what you wish for, God has a sense of humour