Author Topic: Green arrows for Turtle in DM, please! (from 'witch hunt on obese' thread)  (Read 6404 times)

Sunny Clouds

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Sorry, I've diverted the thread.  I just feel so squashed by all this propaganda.  It's just yet another story designed to arouse hostility and hatred and, of course, obese claimants will get nastiness from people now.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)


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No apologies needed, Sunny - you're just saying how, with all the other things you have to deal with, this latest attack on yet another group of claimants is affecting you.  It is wearying and disheartening to read about such things; my hope is that, as these 'hate campaigns' are stepped up to ridiculous levels, more and more people will wake up to the fact that they're being fed a steady stream of 'divide and rule'...


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Here's a quote from the Mail article:- "The Government is keen to cut the enormous welfare bill, which comprises payments made under the Disability Living Allowance, Severe Disability Living Allowance, and Employment and Support Allowance."
Well, there was I thinking the welfare bill included those things but is comprised of those + child benefit + child tax credits + JSA + Income Support + basic state pension + Access to Work funding + pension credits + social care + working tax credits + crisis loans... and probably a few other things I can't bring to mind atm. >doh<  Sloppy journalism; are professional writers not meant to have a good understanding of English and to use it with care and precision?  >whistle<