Author Topic: Support offered to vulnerable Universal Credit recipients.  (Read 1754 times)


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Under the new local support services framework – jointly issued today by the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – personalised support will be offered to benefit recipients needing help to budget with monthly welfare payments or using online services.
Minister for Welfare Reform Lord Freud said:
‘We are working with local authorities and local services to determine who will need this extra help - be it money advice services, face to face support or help to get online - and how best to deliver it."



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 >tah< for finding and posting this, AO  :-)

The framework sets out a process for making exceptions to standardised UC payments for people with complex personal circumstances – such as drink or drug problems, mental health conditions or those at risk of domestic abuse.

All such cases for alternative arrangements would be considered on an individual basis, and could include rent payments being made directly to landlords, more frequent benefit payments within a month or splitting benefits between different household members.

Ah, so the UC payment frequency - and plans to pay Housing Benefit direct to the claimant - aren't as set in stone as we were first told, then!

I think we will see quite a bit more 'fine tuning' before UC goes live, somehow... including perhaps a backpedalling on that silly business about forcing everybody to claim online!

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I will not accept a DWP on-line benefit system until the DWP pay for the ISP and security packages.


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I attended a national Equality & Diversity Forum event this evening, the topic was welfare cuts.  Two of the speakers were Civil Servants from the DWP who are working on the introduction of Universal Credit.   The stated absolutely unequivocally - while the govt hopes most people will apply for UC on line the other routes of application (post, phone and in person) will definitely remain available, so people can choose which route suits them best.
regards, Deb


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>tah<  I get thanks for all your hard work selecting links that might be useful AO  >biggrin< - so, passing it on again.   >thankyou<


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Thanks for your kind words, however It's not hard work!
As a Local Govenment officer employed by my local Council as an Access Officer I recieve an email alert from the Local Government Association every day that gives me links to all the latest information from all the Central Governments departments.