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ESA50 questions (new form arrived)
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I recieved my ESA50 this week. There are a couple of problems and I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction?

Basically it's the new form used from January of this year and it is very different to my last one, I cannot use the old information, or the guides I have, and I have tried to find guides online to help with the new form but cannot find any due to it being so new when I went to CAB they said they only really help with appeals now and not to panic as I'd definitely win any appeal - not very helpful! 

Due to circumstances I am not going to go into here, I've been refused appointments with my physical consultants and only recently began seeing someone from CMHT, who said they would do a letter (**but** will not allow me to read it), he is not a dr and the dr said they will not support me having ESA, so I doubt the letter will be supportive. My physical consultants cannot support my application because I haven't been seen since last time. My GP surgery now charges 60 for *all* benefit letters unless they are requested by DWP, also again the problem with me not being allowed to have my conditions monitored so I doubt it would help anyway.

The covering letter said my benefit was stopping in April as they had recieved  notification of improvment in my circumstances (likely MP after CMHT sent a letter in response to a complaint saying I had been assessed by them as physically fit and healthy and it was copied to the MP, who helped me complain in the first place, who said he must notify the DWP of the improvement), and this is to look at my current circumstances.

CMHT worker told me to tick the boxes and I MUST consent to a medical examination, if I want money as everyone must now prove their needs in person, there is absolutely no way I can do that. Not even with if the assessor was a woman and I could have someone with me who was a woman as well. Last time I was examined the person was assaulted, I cannot cope with being touched by anyone. I'm seriously considering not bothering because I am that terrified of being touched.

I honestly don't know if it is worth doing, if I can cope. Things are quite scarily out of control at the moment (I'm having more contact with my local police than anyone else) anyway and I'm only coping now because I'm thinking of not doing it. I'm being refused treatment at hospital (so there will be no supporting letters as they haven't seen me since last time) and I am terrified at the prospect of the medical - and that is making things mentally worse. I can't afford my GP letter, and CAB can't help except at the appeal stage (there are no appointments before it is due back to do it and they won't help with a medical).


I was also wondering if medicals can still be recorded? Does anyone know?

I hope this makes sense!

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Re: ESA50 questions (new form arrived)
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There is information on this link that might help you.

From what you have said before in regard to mental and physical illness, and health workers it is difficult to know what advise you to do but it does seem to me just filling in the form and sending it in might give you the result you need.
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