Food Bank sees demand go up 5 fold

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Food Bank sees demand go up 5 fold

  • on: 24 Apr 2013 11:23AM
Claiming the benefit system is still not working, Chris Mould Chief Executive of  the Trussell Trust told the Huffington Post UK:

 "With the decision to cap benefits, the government has taken a deliberate move to restrict the purchasing power of people vulnerable by definition: they are already eligible for tax credits and income support."

"Many millions of people are having to get by on incomes that are already precarious with no guarantee they can continue to afford food," he added.

"When rents and energy prices are going up and people have to make a decision between keeping a roof over their heads or going hungry, people choose to cut down on food."

"A large number of people are being thrown into crisis because there are problems with the benefit system, partly because there is lots of churn in the workforce and people are on benefits when they weren’t before."
"The system is not working well and large numbers of people are sometimes going weeks without any source of income at all."

Foodbank recipients are referred by doctors, social workers, schools liaison officers or advisers at the CAB and Jobcentre Plus.

Foodboxes contain at least three days' supply of non-perishable foods such as tinned fruit, vegetables, meat, tea and pasta.

Mould said he saw working people coming in to visit food banks on their lunch-breaks, mums coming in to find help feeding their children and people who were unemployed who needed help.

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