Author Topic: 581 Hospitals Across Britain are Breaking Kitchen Hygiene Rules.  (Read 1277 times)


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Queen Mary's Hospital, Sidcup - inspectors found mouse droppings and a 'serious cockroach infestation that posed an imminent health risk'

Burnley General Hospital - oriental cockroaches found in 'various parts' of the kitchen

Western General Hospital, Edinburgh - cockroaches were found

Hillingdon Hospital, London, staff were told to put down insect detectors to stop 'increased activity' from cockroaches

Royal Oldham Hospital - Two cockroaches were found in the raw food preparation area in March. Inspectors also found out of date yoghurts in a ward fridge

Whipps Cross University Hospital in Waltham Forest, London, mice droppings were found in a dry store area

Mile End Hospital, London, inspectors found mouse droppings on shelves in the kitchen

St Charles' Hospital, London - Mouse droppings were found on the floor

Manor Hospital, Walsall - A mouse was seen in the kitchen in what inspectors said 'appears to be an isolated incident

Wirral University Teaching Hospital, Merseyside - Inspectors found 'old mouse droppings' in the corner of the kitchen

Sandwell Acute Psychiatric Hospital - inspectors wrote that there was 'rat activity' outside, according to pest control records

West Park Rehabilitation Hospital, Wolverhampton - a dead rat was found in an electrical cupboard

Kent and Canterbury Hospital - 'pests' were found next to the kitchen


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That figure is out of 769 environmental health inspection reports - a terribly high proportion  :-(

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Sandwell Acute Psychiatric Hospital - inspectors wrote that there was 'rat activity' outside

I think they just imagined it.
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Not what you want to hear when you are waiting for an admission.....



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Recent reports show that a large number of rats have been found in the Palace of Westminster >biggergrin<

Hospital kitchens and food preparation areas??  I thought that most hospitals bought in food these days >confused<


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There's "rat activity" outside virtually every inhabited building in the country - it's when they start wandering inside that people should worry. 
Most gardens are visited by rats pretty often (putting food on the ground for birds is a way to encourage rat visits, as is food waste in bags rather than in the dustbin).  I've seen rats in town centres, in country parks, in suburban gardens... and the only reason I haven't seen any in farms is that I don't spend much time in farmyards.

Mice & cockroaches in food prep areas isn't good >thumb-down< (shame they can't read the "humans only" signs).