Speech - Universal Credit rolling out what it means for employers.

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Lord Fraud discusses how Universal Credit will help employees to work more hours and calls on employers to champion the new benefit in a speech at the National Youth Employment Summit, Kia Oval, London on 28 January 2014.

"Im really pleased were engaging with you in the delivery of Universal Credit: Im meeting with local employers in rollout areas; were working with you on in work conditionality and were consulting with trade bodies and employer organisations on how best to communicate Universal Credit to employers.

"In the north-west were working with some large employers such as Premier Inn to specifically recruit Universal Credit claimants.

"Some of you have asked about zero hours these contracts support business flexibility, they provide entry to work for young people and give people the flexibility to combine work with other commitments, but they need to be fair.

Universal Credit is not prescriptive about the hours people work, provided they are able to earn enough to support themselves and their families without undue reliance on state benefits, and a zero-hours contract may well be consistent with that, particularly where people have work flexibly for a number of employers.

"The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has an ongoing zero hours employment contracts consultation which closes in March, so do take part and give your views on how zero hours can be sensibly regulated."