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News of members and former members: by Deb (Devine 63)

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I finally heard from Tony (I came I saw I fell over) today.  He hasn't posted on Ouchtoo since Feb 2013 and I have heard little from him since then either - I gather he sank into another serious MH episode from the symptoms he showed beforehand.  I was relieved to get a phone call, but it suggested he remains pretty unwell, I'm afraid.  However it is good he has gotten back in touch.  He won't be online I don't think though.

 Wanting to let people know about this made me think maybe a thread of news about friends and former members might be good: for example Mabel from the Dominican Republic remains in fairly regular contact with me, as does Becca...

Maybe there is someone who keeps in touch with you?

regards, Deb

Sunshine Meadows:
For me whatever message board I am using tends to be the hub for friendships and if the meet up location goes then the friendship tends not to last. I still care about what is going on in the lives of my American friends but life changed so much since those good olde days we just cant go back and do it all over again.

I am happy enough about chatting to people via email etc but I prefer being amongst a group of people reading and posting on the board.

I hope Tony starts feeling better soon.

I have tried to Contact Burpy for a few years now. We used to speak daily then she sank into deep depression so contact got less and less.
Also Abe who last I heard was very poorly. I never even had my usual Xmas Card for either of them for a year from Abe and 2 from Burpy.
I am assuming Their time had come.
Anyone with news of them I would so like to hear even a PM would be great.
Thanks Frances.

I remember Burpy well.  She left our board to go elsewhere that she preferred didn't she?

Wobbling Wilma and Purple Cat are both alive and kicking on Facebook.


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