Not exactly new but...

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Not exactly new but...

  • on: 27 Feb 2014 08:46PM
As I went to log off and put a pot of coffee on there the thought occurred to me regarding the two year suspension from reassessments for those in the higher groupings of welfare benefits up for future reassessments. I'll explain...well try to :-)

In suspending the reassessments of hundreds of thousands of would be ESA benefit claimants the pool left for reassessments and first time assessments (face to face) the numbers from which the DWP can look to make their 20% savings as demanded by Osborne will be smaller, if my thinking on this is right, so will we be seeing a higher percentage of those left facing actual reassessments (both face to face and paper based ESA50's)  being denied access to these benefits than we witnessed before the suspension was brought in to make up for the loss of numbers available for mandatory failing of their WCA's due to their being in the suspended group of claimants?

I'll post this the noo as I'm getting myself confused just trying to type it oot :-)
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