D.W.P - Work Programme statistical summary.

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Official statistics to 31 December 2013 on Work Programme referrals, attachments, validated job outcome payments and sustainment payments.

This summary contains the latest Work Programme official statistics on referrals, attachments and validated job outcome and sustainment payments to 31 December 2013.

The official statistics aim to reflect the Work Programme payment model and contractual agreements which are primarily based on sustained employment.

"The Work Programme was launched throughout Great Britain in June 2011 and is part of a number of welfare to work reforms1 aimed at getting unemployed people into sustained work.
The Work programme uses private and public companies, called providers, to find work for claimants transferred to them from Jobcentre Plus at specified points in their claim. The providers are primarily paid for defined outcomes related to sustained employment.

Figures in this release give an overview of monthly intakes to the Programme tracked over time. They can be used to monitor the type and volume of individuals and outcomes achieved as defined in the payment model and contractual agreements.

A summary of the monthly volumes of outcomes over time, rather than by intake, is also presented with breakdowns by characteristics of the participants on the scheme and their status on the programme.

Statistics are primarily sourced from data originally collected via administrative systems. To reflect any updates, the full historical statistical series is refreshed with each release and so previous figures may be updated based on new data."