Author Topic: Backdating of a successful PIP claim?  (Read 47344 times)


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Re: Backdating of a successful PIP claim?
« Reply #15 on: 14 Jun 2014 02:24PM »
Thanks NN, after my previous query about the rationale behind excluding people aged under 55 from bidding for some of the very few wheelchair adapted bungalows I didn't expect much else to be honest.

My first thought was a sarcastic response but I thought it best to exit email and come back later. I am now debating on whether to not bother or just politely reply saying that I already knew that was what the PIP regulations say but that you didn't ask the 2 people that I wished to reply. I wanted them to clarify how the policy is fair (or maybe not in the case of Rachel Reeves) when people switching from DLA are treated less favourably than new claimants, whether this unfairness will be corrected and why the DWP continues to mislead the public by claiming (when discussing backlogs) that "nobody" loses out. For increased awards on switching from DLA the longer they take to make their decision the more they save so they actually have a vested interest in delaying these cases.

On a personal level although the 1,000 would have been nice, I am lucky enough that it won't make any real diference re essentials but it will for others. This was all about principles and misleading the public so I guessed that I would not get far with politicians.  ;-)


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Re: Backdating of a successful PIP claim?
« Reply #16 on: 15 Jun 2014 12:37AM »
Hi Ricardomeister

that does sound like a reasonable approach - you could even phrase it to the MP as "I wonder if it is possible for you to ask IDS what is the justification.... "   sometimes people just don't think of the specific thing you wanted them to do.

re the bungalow: I suspect it might be possible to challenge that decision on the basis of age discrimination under the Equality Act, but maybe you already tried that?   If not, you could also mention that there is a potential breach of human rights as well....

regards, Deb