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Re: I think I've been really stupid...
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DLA mobility = taxis or fuel for someone to drive you to doctors/ to a shop/ to CAB/ to JC+.
DLA care = physio/ other treatments/ someone to help with personal care/ someone to help with planning & preparing meals.

If that's right & there's none left over the council are asking you to pay rent with what exactly? 
Oh yes, of course, money that you're already spending on food, cleaning your home, heating, cooking & lighting, water bill - are they especially hard-of-understanding or is this kind of stupidity common in local authorities? >doh<
 >hugs< Becca

Their argument is, and the 'welfare officer' backs up this argument, that DLA is for 'disability costs' as in all disability costs and that includes living somewhere 'expensive' due to being disabled. They have argued several of my costs should be paid for by the nhs, however, they have not taken into account nhs cuts which have led to the advice of 'use your dla' e.g. Physio only being for four or so weeks.

The 'welfare officer' I worked with in another job and he just doesn't have a clue when it comes to things like this, he was the other disabled advisor on the sickness policy for my employer and he really didn't get that what was being pushed by him discriminated against those who were disabled by the way it worked (basically his argument was disabled people don't work so where's the discrimination?!) I never really understood why he was the other disabled advisor on the panel to be honest, he didn't have a clue. When I spoke to him about the DHP his argument was much the same as CAB, though he actually said you get plenty in handouts already stop being greedy. Nice.

Fiz, mine also allow it for 6 months with an expectation of moving, which is fine if you can find somewhere to move to who will be willing to drop the rent every year to cover LHA drops, if you need access to a gp or supermarket etc, where I live those towns are very very expensive and out of reach of LHA rates. That's not to say I haven't tried though!


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Re: I think I've been really stupid...
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Hi Becca

there must be someone who can help to fight these ridiculous decisions across so many different agencies! 

I went to the charity website for Disability Rights UK and they have a new link to the organisation which has replaced the Equality & Human Rights Commission in providing the equality act helpline:

that might be worth a try - they have phone or online chat options.
regards, Deb


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Re: I think I've been really stupid...
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Thanks deb I'll take a look.

I think in the case of dhp the decision was made it was to only be given to social tenants and given automatically. I admit I struggle with that - specifically the automatic part as there are people hit by the bedroom tax who can pay, example being my ex social worker who could afford the extra rent yet automatically qualified through being a social tenant.

The welfare officer is an idiot, he was employed to help people, but honestly doesn't have a clue, he never has. Bright side he is no longer messing around with sickness policies where I worked before on behalf of The Disabled.