D.W.P. and food banks.

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D.W.P. and food banks.

  • on: 13 Jun 2014 09:12AM

The nasty party strikes again.
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Re: D.W.P. and food banks.

  • on: 15 Jun 2014 03:54PM
I'm going to repeat a bit of a rant I made elsewhere.  (ML)

If this government didn't want food poverty (or any other sort of poverty), it would be coming out and saying 'yes, there's a problem and we'll work with you to address it' but they're not.  They're castigating Oxfam and Trussell trust for speaking out about it.  They either haven't spoken out so vocally against some other charities or the media isn't reporting on it.  The Daily Mail learnt a hard lesson over slamming the Trussell Trust when a nasty piece on it led to over 50,000 in extra donations immediately after, so maybe they don't want to argue with Church Action on Poverty, RNIB, Mind, CPAG etc.

So it's supposed to be happening.  They're saying there's no food poverty when blatantly there is and people can see it all around them and saying that raising that is party political.  If they were willing to do something about it, it wouldn't be party political, would it, they could have an all-party effort to stop people being unlawfully sanctioned and to address other problems.  They could look at food prices, at fuel prices, at zero-hours contracts, at minimum wage (and for all that politicians want to keep their mates happy, they could raise the minimum wage a bit without upsetting them too much).

They have already kicked up a fuss when the EU tried to give money to UK foodbanks, vetoing it (I can't remember whether they succeeded, but the principle is there).  They portray people going to foodbanks as scroungers.  They have said that it's a party-political issue.  Why is hunger a party-political issue?  It can't be unless they're causing it and aren't willing to do anything about it.  I'm not explaining the logic well, but maybe someone here who's good at explaining logic problems can.
(I'm an obsessive problem-solver, so feel free to ignore any suggestions or solutions I offer, even if they sound terribly insistent.)