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Report: ESA and the fate of the WRAG
« on: 31 Oct 2015 05:18PM »

Catherine Hale, a Work Programme service user, has produced a new report about back-to-work programmes for people with disabilities and health conditions. Mind has supported her with this vital work to help bring about changes to back-to-work support for people with mental health problems.

The report, Fulfilling Potential? ESA and the fate of the Work Related Activity Group, is based on the experiences of over 500 people being required to engage in back-to-work schemes. The findings are startling.

Most people wanted to work if they could find the right sort of job and support.

The Work Programme and Jobcentre Plus were pushing people into generic activities rather than providing specialist support .

The inappropriateness of these activities and the threat of benefits being cut was leaving people feeling very anxious.

People said their health, confidence and sense of purpose in life were all worse after engaging with the programmes.

The page linked to above has a button which allows you to send the report to your MP.

Fulfiling Potential? ESA and the Fate of the Work-Related Activity Group can be downloaded here:
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