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I've just got a moveing date it is an adappetted house on the north of York the date is 25/4/16 on 1/4/16 one of the surport worker's is takeing me to get a re-placement bus pass 2/4/26 go for a coffee with surport worker. On 5/4/16 go have evening meal with other 3 client's + 3 surport worker's.On 6/4/16 surport worker take's me to NorthMoor for lunch. On 9/4/16 surport worker takeing me to brunch On 13/4/16 Surport worker takeing me to choose item's/furniture for my room. On 16/4/16 surport worker takeing me to NorthMoor for evening meal. 

Sunny Clouds:
Yay!  Brill!

I'm so pleased that it's all organised.

I hope it turns out well and you enjoy it there.

Good Luck Bul.

super >rose< >rose< >rose< >rose< >rose<

Great news, Bule. Hope it all goes smoothly >thumbsup< >star<


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