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Norrin Radd:
Hi everyone,

I've received a letter saying I need to switch to PIP soon. Is there anything I should do to prepare for this?


Is it the letter telling you that if you want to get pip you need to phone to say yes I want to remain on disability benefits?

Before you fill in the form read the criteria and make sure you know what points you can get and what they are really asking, also make sure your doctors know your care needs now not several years ago.

Norrin Radd:
Hi Monic,

Yes it is. Apparently, I only have about two weeks until the deadline to contact them, so I'm hoping I'm not too late. I need to act quickly. What should I do now?

Phone and get the form, once the form arrives check the front cos you only get 2 weeks to return it.  Phone after 1 week and ask for an extension, you'll get another 2 weeks.  Start reading the criteria so you know what they are looking for, good luck

Norrin Radd:
How do I find the criteria?


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