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Independent Living Items at supermarkets/mail order.

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Periodically Aldi and Lidl have independent living items for sale in their Specialbuys / weekly offers.

I've mentioned these before but I thought I'd start a special thread for them. Aldi also do mail order for a limited quantity of Specialbuys.

From Thursday 9th this week Aldi have a few independent living items available. Not as many as usual, hopefully there will be another selection of items before too many months have passed.

 One of them is a safety step with handle which is something my occupational therapist tried and failed to source for me. At 14.99 it is substantially cheaper than any other I've seen and identical to one retailing for 25 on Amazon. I've ordered one post free from their online shop:

There is a knee pillow, neck pillow and back  pillow too. The knee pillow and neck pillows are sold out online, luckily for me I'd ordered my knee pillow whilst they were still in stock.

The other items available are insoles, reading glasses and large print puzzle books.

Lidl don't do online sales but have some fitness equipment from 12th Feb that includes a balance cushion and a blood pressure monitor:

I've built up some Nectar points, (through doing surveys, mostly)  but I don't have a  Sainsbury's handy, so I thought I would look at independent living items on Argos.

Well... Everything, but everything, was more expensive than it is on Amazon, and significantly so. 30 more on a rollator, 4 more on a picker-upper.  I used to spend a fair amount of money in Argos, but I tend to use Amazon and Wilkinson's now for home items.

On the evidence of what  I saw today I won't be making a purchase any time soon.

I've been told the independent living items I ordered from Aldi are on their way - one parcel is  with Hermes and the other - probably the larger one- is with Yodel.

Knee cushion from Aldi's Specialbuys has arrived and looks very good quality. Looking forward to seeing how this helps me to get comfortable in bed. Look out for it in store if you have an Aldi locally and a need for one.
The bathroom/kitchen step with grab handle is still enroute - sent via Hermes, and taking a little while longer to arrive.

The stool arrived today, and what a faff to assemble. The instructions were incorrect - the holes to pass a screw through had been drilled at a different angle, so it was impossible to follow them correctly. At first I thought it was me and couldn't work out what I'd done wrong, but it isn't.  The product can be correctly assembled but you have to work out how to do it yourself.

Someone else had the same issue and posted about it in their review, they overcame it in a slightly different way. I hope Aldi heed the reviews - I have posted one too -  and pay attention to the issue.

Lidl have some independent living items in stock at the moment. The nearest one to me is a really busy one and had sold out of some products after one day, but they had support pillows for 6.99, leg wedges for 11.99, picker-uppers with hook and magnet for 3.99. Walking sticks with standard handles and 11 length adjusts are 3.99.

Diabetic socks for men and women are 1.99 for 2 pairs and good quality, I got these for my swollen ankles. There is a 2.99 pill organiser and a foot cycle for 14.99, no good for me.

Not to forget the talking BP monitor for 19.99


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