Iain Duncan Smith to host Jeremy Vine

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Now is the opportunity to tell IDS exactly what you think of him:-

More at link.


IDS takes over from Jeremy Vine
Category: Latest news     Created: 20 June 2017 

In a move that will outrage many claimants, the most divisive and anti-claimant secretary of state for work and pensions in many years, Iain Duncan Smith, is to spend next week standing in for Jeremy Vine on BBC Radio 2.

In an effort to show impartiality, the BBC have employed Ed Miliband to host the Jeremy Vine show this week.

Contact details for Jeremy Vine show:-


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All we have to do is get on the phone with a desire to talk about whatever subject he is on about and swing it into an attack on his policies when he was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. 

For example:  Grenfell Tower residents moving into luxury apartments;  "So, if the survivors of the fire are moved into luxury flats, would your policies mean that they are living above the benefits cap and should have their benefits suspended?"

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