VERY worrying article about Universal Credit and disablity.

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Sunny,  >hugs<

Are you likely to transfer to UC yet?


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don't do anything unless you WANT to trigger a change to UC.
If your on con based esa with a top up for support group or wrag and get a part of income related esa and get PIP then you will have at a guess this
ESA assessment phase 73.10 - paid as con based ESA
Support group 36.55  if your in wrag its 29.05 - paid as con based ESA
disability premium 15.90 - only paid if your entitled to income related ESA and meet the premium criteria
severe disability premium 62.45 - only paid if your entitled to income related ESA and meet the premium criteria

you get the SDP if on Middle / high rate care or PIP any rate of daily living

Your weekly applicable amount would be 188 if your in SG With an award of Enhanced daily living

If you make a new claim to UC you would trigger a change so you never want to do that
you wait until the government write to you and say they are transferring you to UC, it doesn't happen automatically when an area goes full service,  there is no way on 18/5/18 (on of the live trigger dates) that everyone in my area will find themselves on UC, The system cannot cope as it is so unless you have a letter telling you that you are moving to UC from next week then you bin that letter you have written.

What changes are you likely to have after your area goes full service
have a look at this link to see the triggers

Everyone - while its good to research these changes do you really want to torment yourself with the what if senarios.  ok prepare yourself but please don't scare yourself, don't you have enough to deal with daily?